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Some ways to glue in hair extensions

U -Tip Hair Extension Method

  1. First, part your hair into sections and slightly twist each part.
  2. Use U-tip strand to lay the sectioned hair.
  3. Then melt the glue tip. Roll and seal the tip.
  4. Attach the U-Tip hair.
  5. The U-Tip hair can be removed easily with the help of a remover. It is a temporary hair extension only.

Hot Glue Gun Method

Glue gun is used in hair extension which has glue sticks. The gun will heat the glue sticks and melts the glue. Then hair extension and glue are directly attached to the hair. Large size glue guns about 12 mm are available in our store.

Bonding Glue Method

This is the simplest method to glue in hair extension. Bonding glue is applied onto the weft of the hair extensions and then it is attached to the human hair. It can be easily removed with the remover. Bonding glue remover is available in our store and it is suitable for cold bonding glues. However, you should not use this to remove hot and melted glue sticks.

Additional information




327 gram

Gun Size

16.7 x 14.8 x 2.6 cm


110-220V, 40W 50Hz/60Hz

Glue Sticks

The Glue Sticks package comes with 12 pieces of Fusion Keratin Glue Sticks that are used for keratinized pre-bonded hair extensions. Each stick is 20 cm long and 11.2 mm in diameter. There are 4 pieces of blonde, brown and black sticks each.


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